Torin Mitchell

Torin Mitchell




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The inspiration for stems from my passion for producing timeless experiences. From posh cocktail hours to intimate dinner parties; I don’t do events, I create experiences.

I have worked in the industry for over a decade, but still, seeing the reactions from my clients as they enter the room of their carefully curated experience for the first time, never gets old. The smiles, the cries of joy and the sparkle in their eyes makes what I do completely worth it, because putting smiles on my clients’ face is my joy.



My story began when I landed my first serving job at one of the top breakfast eateries in Atlanta, named, The Social House. When I began, I had no experience in the service industry, and I was looking for a fresh start in life. Operation hours at The Social House were from 7AM – 12PM, and in that short amount of time I would see hundreds of people come throughout the morning to fill this compact 500-sq. ft. restaurant. Guest were in awe at the inviting cozy decor and energetic staff, and it was at this moment that I realized it was not the food alone brining in guest, it was the experience! From the hospitality of the staff to the ambiance of the buildings design, it all added to the experience that the patrons longed to receive. Since then, I have aspired to create one-of-a-kind experiences in my own way.

You’ll often hear me say, “I don’t do events; I create experiences” – experiences that appeal to all senses. I want you to SEE something you’ve never seen before, HEAR music and sounds that are alluring to the ear, TASTE delectable cuisines that tantalize the palate, INHALE the aromatics of fresh cut floral arrangements, and FEEL high quality linens and unique textiles imported globally.

I’m in the business of curating these fully immersive experiences, and giving my clients and their guest an opportunity to enjoy once in a lifetime moments with each other. Each time a client hugs me tight in gratitude I know my job is done!


 “The way we experience the world around us is a direct reflection of the world within us.”

- Gabrielle Bernstein