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Unique Dinner Parties

5 senses: an interactive dining experience

Through beautiful, unstructured dinner parties hosted by friends for friends, invites you to imagine freely, and create a dinner experience unlike any other. Torin’s creative genius lend’s itself to every detail of the dinner experience which includes all five of your senses.

From the menu selection to the ambience of the decor, the type of dinner party you choose to throw affects the flow of the whole evening. It determines your floor plan, the timeline, and sets the mood. There are many creative options that lend themselves to totally different vibes. Don't let that overwhelm you - with Torin’s team, your event is in excellent hands.

Tablescape by Torin Mitchell

Tablescape by Torin Mitchell


Floral & Decor Services

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Celebrations are more than just a budget and a color scheme, so we want to get to know you to be sure we capture your true spirit in our designs. We’ll discuss your preferences, your desires, your budget, and more.

Soft lighting. Delicate chairs. Stunning drapery. A sleek dance floor... if flowers are our love, then décor is definitely our passion.

At, we are mindful that the environment we design for events extends beyond flowers. Our décor studio boasts specialty items perfect for the style you crave. Whether it’s modern chic or vintage charm, traditional elegance or natural allure, we have a variety of options for your event.


Rates starting at $50/hr

Our custom consulting services led by, Torin Mitchell himself, will take you on a journey through style selections that best define your personality, interests and loves. Whether you’ve already composed your dream wedding or dinner party or you’re starting entirely from scratch, Torin will guide you from start to finish through his meticulous and exciting design process. He has a long list of accolades and achievements - including celebrity clientele that boast his creative genius.


  • Identify and manage host budget

  • Negotiate vendor fees and contracts for seamless activations for host

  • Identify and manage host needs from start to finish


  • Learn the basic concepts of event planning, design and production

  • Learn to work with clients to specify their needs and ensure customer satisfaction

  • Learn how to organize facilities and details such as decor, catering, entertainment, transportation, location, invitee list, special guests, equipment, promotional material(s) etc.